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Whee~ I just got my Myuto Playzone photos not too long ago and decided to share them and spread a lil' myuto love


And if anyone wants, there's Shimekake Ryuya's Stage photo set from Playzone too. Here's a preview :) 


Comments are appreciated! :D


whee :)

stay awesome always :D


I was so happy that I managed to find morita myuto uchiwas in the audience! haha. pardon me if I'm slow or whatever! I took screen caps! :D


I was bored so I was searching for the Singaporean Boy Twins, know the ones who got into vienna boys choir? and i found this! SO nice to hear them sing a Johnny's Song. heh.

I just love those 5 secs that myuto is dancing. makes me so happy to see him dance :D

oh and is it me? or does murata rikito (the one singing the "yeahhhh yeahhhh" part in black) remind you of Yamamoto Ryota (butoukan) when he was smaller?

He's back!

whee! i wish i knew how to make GIFs. i bet they're real easy once you have the programme. but whatever. i'm happy. i saw my myuto :) he looks cute. haha. although he's not part of HHJ anymore, i'm just very happy that he got that lil bit of screen time.

i only saw the first march shounen club ep today. why? cos i was too lazy to chase and find the channel(s) that uploaded. besides, everything is better in HD/HQ :D 


he's growing so tall now.. i hope he'll be able to maintain this backdancing screen time. and maybe, move back up to singing with a mic. and then singing a solo part again. and then debut! sigh. i wish for too much i think..

ah wells! can i say i like this performance by the new hip hop jump? haha. its more of just they style that its portrayed in. pretty much like the old hhj. except that 3 out of the 5 members changed. oh wells. murata rikito's kinda cute. and i think its kinda significant that he had a solo line (if thats what you call it). his voice is still pretty much boy. and thats cute too.

can't wait for last week's ep to come out in HD :D

ohoh! forgot to mention one more thing. TAIPI'S ARRANGEMENT OF HAIR WAS SUPER NICE! i loved his dancing. so awesome. maybe he'll get more chances to choreograph :D

Dec. 25th, 2009

credit to y_sayuri 



all over again

I was bored so i decided to watch an old shokura ep. I don't really think i've watched this particular ep because i was extremely happy while watching.

First, the opening song was really nice to listen to. ao/ai no jidai. i'm not really sure.

The medley was just as nice. it seemed like all the groups were younger huh. More than a year ago, apparently masuda ryo's voice (and gang) was really high. haha. i was amused. The rest were all kinda high too. higher than now at least.

I got to see quite a bit of myuto. No screencaps of course. He never stays still long enough. He was dancing and singing with taiga, anderson and shin in ahaha, but of course more like a back dancer with eisaku and ryu and haruki. i think a few others like kanda and itou were there too.

HSJ's medley was very nice to watch. Not from a biased point of view as a HSJ fan. I liked the mixed of the songs and frankly chibi ryutaro and chii were nice to watch. i'm always amused by ryutaro's dancing. :D

The nekketsu junior league was hilarious. Shoon was cute and yokoo was being retarded. Ok, they all were. It was totally funny.

The surprise of NewS being the guest obviously was an extremely pleasant one to those at the recording too. nishikido ryo was SUPER funny. his actions and his super happy smile. wonder why he was so happy. and throughout their perf, he and tegoshi and.. i think it was all of them, they were laughing. or rather, trying not to. i'm guessing someone slipped because he didnt see the stage edge. haha.

Of course, I LOVED TAIPI's voice in Wana and Brand New Season. I like both the songs and the fact that i could hear and see taipi so much during those two vids made me happy to no end:D loved his dressing. he should ALWAYS dress like that :)))

He was super cute in burn it up~ too! whats with his 'nyan' pose!?

such a nice ep to watch:))


this week has so many things in store for me!

snow prince will be on utaban and their single's released. i hope i'll get my copy fast! :D

playzone's gonna be released too! i hope someone uploads it for me! i really want to buy it but there's just no cash:((

there's shounen club this weekend plus the start of an event which i'm looking forward to!

school's ending this week!